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Publishing Photo Galleries

It would be nice to have regular updates to our photo galeries.

If you have something that you deem worthy of publication, then please send to Malcolm Hagan (webmaster@portsmouthramblers.org.uk)

It would be nice also if it was not just the same 2 or 3 people sending in the photos. This is open to all members, not just 10 year veterans, members with photography qualifications or part of the webmasters list of approved photographers.

Also if you could add a few words to go with the photos, that would be nice. I don't need a whole page, but a few sentences to go with the photos would be nice. A few months down the line, the photos in themselves might not mean much e.g say where the photo was taken.

I would also ask you just send me what you want to publicise i.e. don't send me a hundred photos and ask me to pick a few favourites. That is too difficult for me. You can either send me an attachment or a link (make sure I have access). I think just a few photos per walk is sufficient normally ... 1,2 or 3.

My intension is to keep a rolling gallery of 12 months. So photos over 12 months old will be automatically deleted. It is easy to change this if required. The newest photos will appear at the top, so it looks up to date.

Last updated by Malcolm Hagan on 26th October 2015

Tuesday, January 22, 2019