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About our walks programme

Program is published 3 times a year. The latest programs are below.

November to February 2019 is here (correct as of 24th September 2018)

July to October 2018 is here (correct as of 12th June 2018)

March to June 2018 is here (correct as of 11th February 2018)

November to February 2018 is here (correct as of 9th October 2017)

July to October 2017 is here (correct as of 6th June 2017)

March to June 2017 is here (correct as of 30th January 2017)

November to February 2017 is here (correct as of 4th October 2016)

July to October 2016 is here (correct as of 31st May 2016)

March to June 2016 is here (correct as of 2nd February 2016)

November 2015 to February 2016 is here (correct as of 23rd September 2015)

July to October 2015 program is here (version produced on 20th July 2015)


Grade A walks – for experienced walkers; brisk pace
Grade B walks – regular pace
Grade C walks – moderate pace
Grade D walks – slow pace

These are only general indications of the pace and will vary with the individual.

Leaders do their best to ensure safe walks. However those taking part do so at their own risk.

All walks put on by the Portsmouth Group can be found on the new Portsmouth Group Website where the information about each walk is taken directly from the National Walks Finder Website. The website also shows much more information about each walk than can be put in this printed programme. For instance, each walk on the website has a map showing both the meeting location and start location. It also highlights walks that have been changed or cancelled. As walks appearing in this programme are submitted up to five months before the date of the actual walk there are often changes caused by weather conditions (e.g. floods), closures of car parks, engineering works etc. unknown to the leader at the time of their walk submission.

A number of walkers have already missed walks because they did not check for changes.

It is therefore essential that those connected to the internet check this website before setting out or alternatively contact the leader directly. To assist internet users each walk in the PDF version of this programme has a direct link to it, just click on the Walk Title. In the event of extreme weather, or any other doubt, it is the responsibility of the walker to check Walks Finder or to contact the leader to confirm the walk is taking place. If you have an email address, please notify David Nichols.  This will enable you to receive the PDF version of this Programme as well as emailed updates in the event of walk alterations.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018